Steve Smith
505 - 920 - 0252

Steve Smith

Visualization and Simulation Scientist

Founder and President of
Los Alamos Visual Analytics

Engineer en Verite - Ingenue en Virtu

Steve left Los Alamos National Laboratory  (LANL)  after 27 years  as a Scientific Staff Member to form Los Alamos Visual Analytics.   Steve  came to LANL  in 1981 to work on the Proton Storage Ring under development at that time but quickly moved into the relatively new field of Computer Graphics.

Steve  holds BS degrees in Mathematics and Physics from  Northern Arizona University , and acquired  over 40 hours of graduate credit in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science.  He also studied philosophy and language.

During his 27 years Steve successfully lead  a series of teams and projects at LANL  in Computer Graphics, Distributed Information Systems, Scientific Visualization, Virtual Reality, Information Visualization,  Discrete Simulations, and  Visual Analytics.

Steve Spent 2005 at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) collaborating with their Visualization, Network Security, and Data Management groups.

While at LANL, Steve also pursued a variety of side interests including teaching Computer Graphics at UNM-LA (1984-1985), developing a graphic design business (Online Design!) (1990), owning an Art Gallery (Spirit Wings) (1990), and a Bookstore (Hunt & Gather) (2006-2007).

Steve's publication record is fairly eclectic, ranging from neural modeling (Cellular Automata in Cytoskeletal Membrane), to collective problem solving (Symbiotic Intelligence), to network security (Immersive Network Intrusion Detection), to Visual Analytics of Ontologies (SpindleViz), to Multivariate Optimization (MIDST).

Steve has a passion for photography, building, blacksmithing, and old machinery, especially transportation devices.  Steve has owned an airplane (1947 Luscombe), a tractor (Kubota Diesel), a 17' Old Towne Canoe,  numerous motorcycles, cars and trucks.  His current pride and joy is a 1949 F-6 Ford Dump Truck.  He is also working to retrofit a 1986 Honda CRX and a 1987 VW Rabbit Cabriolet as manual electric hybrids.

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